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emergency ridehome

Peace of mind for your sustainable commute.

Life happens. When you need to get home, we’ve got you covered.

What is it?

If you walk, bike, bus, train, carpool or vanpool to work, you’re eligible for a free, emergency ride home in case of a family emergency or if you’re asked to work late.

Why Use It?

An emergency ride home program offers “peace of mind” that you can get home in case of a child’s illness or unforeseen overtime.

It’s perfect for people who use alternative modes of travel to get to work, such as vanpool, carpool, bike, bus or train. StanisCruise picks up the tab for your rental car, taxi, Uber or Lyft home (for an eligible reason).

A Fresher Option:

More perks…

  • You’ll never be stranded at work. This program provides quick, reliable transportation when it’s needed most.
  • It makes commuters more likely to use alternative transportation.
  • Program flexibility – Trips can be taken to a home, a park and ride lot, or to a child’s school, among other locations.
  • 3 reimbursements per year with a maximum of $100 allowance per trip.
  • Easy online reimbursement process

Did You Know?

  • Car-sharing and other clean commuter options can help improve America’s economic condition by reducing dependence on foreign oil.


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