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park and ride

Free parking, plus a smarter commute.

What is it?

Park and Ride lots are free places to park your car and hop on another form of travel to your workplace (like carpool or vanpool).

The car is left in the parking lot during the day and picked up when the owner returns.

Why Park and Ride?

Park and ride facilities allow you to avoid a stressful long drive and eliminate the cost of expensive urban parking.

They are a great option for people who have a long commute, don’t live near a transit stop, or need a convenient place to meet their vanpool or carpool.

parking lot

A Fresher Option:

More perks…

  • It’s a combination of driving and public transit that breaks up your drive and seriously cuts down on your time behind the wheel.
  • You can enjoy flexibility to take care of personal things while you’re getting to work.
  • Park and ride facilities help you relax and save money by not driving your own car the full distance to work
  • They’re great for commuters with alternative fuel vehicles (like electric cars) which often have reduced driving range.
  • They are also useful as a safe, anonymous meeting place for those who carpool or vanpool.

Did You Know?

  • Using the HOV lane for a highly trafficked 7-mile journey can bring your 26 minutes of travel time down to 9 minutes.
  • Ride-sharing decreases emissions. If you carpool or vanpool at least twice a week, you can help reduce the emission of 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases by a car each year.


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