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What is it?

An arrangement where commuters (typically 7-15 people) travel together in a van.

Why join a vanpool?

Vanpools are a great option for people who have a consistent work schedule and live more than 20 miles away from work.

Someone else does the driving, so you can chat, sleep, read or catch up on your favorite podcasts. Simply sit back, relax and arrive at work in a great mood.

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A fresher option:

More perks…

  • Vanpools can use HOV lanes, which can cut commute times dramatically.
  • Take advantage of employer perks and incentives (like subsidies and prizes).
  • StanisCruise offers a $550 per month subsidy for vanpools drivers (7+riders).

Did you know?

  • 1 full 15-person passenger van takes 14 cars off the road – a huge step forward for cleaner air.
  • Vanpooling is one of the least expensive commute options.


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